Allergen Information

Table of Allergens
Milk (M), Eggs (E), Fish(F), Crustacean Shellfish (CSF), Nuts (N), Peanuts (PN), Sesame Seed (SS), Wheat/Gluten W/G), Soya (SY), Mustard (Mus)

Crisps (M)
Breadsticks (W)
Prawn Crackers (CSF)
Salsa Dip
Guacamole Dip (M)
Hummous Dip (SS)
Sour Cream & Chive Dip (M & E)
Taramasalata Dip (W/G, F)
Cheese Straws (W/G & M)
Peanuts (PN)
Selection of Pickles
French Bread, Selection of Bread, Pitta's (W, SY)
Tortilla Chips
Cheese & Pineapple (M)
Eggs Harlequin (E, SS, Mus)
Pate Selection (M)
Assorted Sandwiches/ Finger Rolls/Finger Sandwiches
Bread & Rolls - W/G, SY)
Fillings: Cheese and Cream Cheese (M)
Tuna (F)
Prawn (CSF)
Egg (E)
Mayonnaise (E, SS, Mus)
Selection of Vol-au-Vents
Cream Cream (M)
Smoked Salmon (F)
Egg Mayonnaisse (E, SS, Mus)
Selection of Pizzas (M, W/G)
Selection of Quiches (M, E, W/G) (If Salmon - (F)
Pork Pies (W/G, E)
Homemade Potato & Chive Salad - (E, SS, Mus)
Homemade Coleslaw - (E, SS, Mus)
Tomato & Onion Salad
Mixed Green Salad
Russian Salad (E, SS, Mus, M)
Rice Salad
Vegetable Crudities
Hot New Potatoes (Buttered - (M)
Hot Potato Wedges
Tuna & Pasta Salad (F, W/G, E, SS, Mus)
Italian Vegetable Pasta Salad (E, M, W/G)
Cous Cous Salad (W/G)
Mozzarella & Tomato Salad
Caesar Salad (M) if containing Anchovies (F)
Greek Salad
Prawn & Pasta Salad (CSF, W/G, E, SS, Mus)
Nicoise Salad (F)


Although every effort will be made to ensure that no nuts or peanuts are contained, unless stated. Our kitchen does use nuts and peanuts so traces could be found
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